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Chinese Journal of Animal Nutrition (CJAN) was founded in 1989 by professor Xu Zhenying, who is the pioneer of animal science and the founder of animal nutrition. In the beginning, CJAN was a semi-annual journal in the form of trial publication as an internal journal, titled "China Journal of Animal Nutrition". In 1995, the first ISSN of CJAN was ISSN 1006-267X and the first CN was CN15-1176/S, and renamed as "Chinese Journal of Animal Nutrition". 


At the end of 2005, with the approval of the National Press and Publication Administration "New Publications [2005] No. 1098 Document", CJAN was directed by Chinese Association for Science and Technology, sponsored by Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, and published by Chinese Journal of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd.. CN was changed to CN11-5461/S. With the approval of the sponsor, the CJAN was managed by Animal Nutrition Branch of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, and the editorial office moved to Beijing. The CJAN changed from quarterly journal to bimonthly journal in 2007 and from bimonthly journal to monthly journal in 2011.


The major aims of CJAN are to publish the reviews about the frontier research trends and progress in animal nutrition and feed science, and unpublished original research papers in animal nutrition and feed science, which promote the improvement of animal nutrition and feed science academic research and livestock production comprehensive benefit service. 


The CJAN encompassed the full gamut of animal nutritional sciences and reviews including, but not limited to, fundamental aspects of including pig nutrition and feed, poultry nutrition and feed, ruminant and herbivore nutrition and feed, aquatic animal nutrition and feed, special economic animal nutrition and feed, pet nutrition and feed, molecular and cellular nutrition, experimental method and experimental animals, animal nutrition and immunity, animal nutrition and disease, animal nutrition and stress, animal nutrition and environment, animal nutrition and welfare, animal nutrition and digestive tract microorganism, animal nutrition and health care, animal nutrition and safety of livestock and poultry products, animal nutrition and quality of animal products, animal nutrition and epigenetics, animal nutrition and metabonomics, animal nutrition and breeding, animal nutrition and biochemistry, animal nutrition and physiology, feed nutritional value evaluation, protein nutrition, amino acid nutrition, carbohydrate nutrition, vitamin nutrition, trace elements nutrition, feed additives development and application technology, feed resource development, investigation and analysis of feed ingredients, biological feed, fermentation feed, aquatic feed, feed biotechnology, enzyme preparation and microbial preparation, breeding and optimization of feed microbial strains, feed safety, feed toxin and detoxification technology, feed anti-nutritional factors and degradation technology, feed processing and technology and feed detection methods. 


Through unremitting efforts, the CJAN not only is a platform to exchange scientific research results of animal nutrition and feed, but also is One Hundred Outstanding Academic Journals in China, Journal Digital Influence Top 100 (academic journal), China High Quality Science and Technology Journal, Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) Core Library (C) Journals, China's Outstanding Plan Journals of Science and Technology, China's High Quality Science and Technology Periodical Classification Catalogue T1 Grade Journals in Agriculture and Forestry, Chinese Core Journals, Chinese Science and Technology Core Journals, Authoritative Journal of China Scientific Evaluation Research Center (A+), Chinese Agricultural and Forestry Core Journal, and is also indexed in CAB Abstracts and American Chemical Abstracts Database. 


The total score of comprehensive evaluation, impact factor and total citation frequency of CJAN increased year by year. In 2020, the comprehensive evaluation score was 74, ranking first for 7 consecutive years, impact factor was 1.455, ranking first for 12 consecutive years, total citation frequency was 4713, ranking first for 5 consecutive years in the national science and technology core journals of animal husbandry and veterinary science.


The author's contribution, expert review and editor's work all carry out online. The online version of the journal was published in August 2007. Readers can download the Chinese and English abstracts and full Chinese text for free at www.Chinajan.com. Since the 7th issue of 2013, the HTML (hypertext markup language) full-text browsing service for all papers have been the first to provide for free among animal husbandry and veterinary journals. Website provides rapid retrieval of the key words, the author, et al. and the editorial office information, as well as the links of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine and Animal Nutrition Branch of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. The WeChat public platform was launched, the official accounts name of the "Journal of Animal Nutrition”, which can read the full text by mobile device. 


CJAN has become a platform for exchanging the information about the latest scientific research achievements and scientific information for researchers and teachers in research institutes of animal nutrition, feed and animal husbandry and university, and enterprise technician, and become an important window for foreign animal nutrition and feed academics to understand the progress of animal nutrition and feed science research in China.  
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